Sense-Play: Interactive Advertising for Every Business

The video above introduces Sense-Play and its application in a hair salon in downtown Montreal, Canada. Sense-Play paves the way to Interactive Advertising for businesses everywhere.

How would Sense-Play be put to work for my business ?

Sense-Play uses images, videos and sounds or music to attract attention and communicate messages. By interacting with this content, potential customers are drawn in to your business.

First, we are going to sit down with you to get more details about your interactive advertising goals.

We will then propose an interaction model, which determines what happens when a potential customer interacts with the Sense-Play installation. The interaction model includes the specification of required hardware and software, consisting of sensors, computers, displays and speakers. For the choice of sensors we rely on our friends at I-CubeX who have extensive knowledge of all available sensor technologies used for capturing human motion.

The images, videos and sounds or music can be provided by you or we can source or create it with our media department. Over the years we've worked with many clients across diverse backgrounds and we can put this experience to use for your business.

Having a plan in hand, it is time to realize the Sense-Play installation ! This can be done by you or your trusted contractor but can also be done by us. Once it's up and running we can offer various services relating to installation maintenance and content updates.

Are you in a hurry to get going with interactive advertising ? Ask us about the setup in the video above !

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